Vox Mini3
Vox Mini3

Mini3, Amplificatore Portatile Chitarra from Vox belonging to the Mini3 model.

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iamqman 27/04/2011

Vox Mini3 : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Not a bad little amp!"

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This is an excellent little combo for the price. It has 11 amp models as well as several effects such as compression, chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay, reverb.

Nice little rehearsal jamming amp. Great bedroom playing or office playing amp! It has a nice usable distortion tone and of course a very clean chiming Vox style clean tone. For what this unit is built to do, it does very well indeed.

Vox MINI 3 3W, 1 x 5" Combo Guitar Amplifier Features:

* Color: Green
* Power amp output: 3W
* Speaker: 5"
* Amp models: 11 (Btq Clean, Black 2x12, Tweed 4x10, AC15, AC30tb, UK '70s, UK '80s, UK '90s, Cali Metal, U.S. High-gain, Line)
* Effect types: 4
* Delay/reverb types: 4
* I/O: 1 channel (1/4"), 1 x mic input, 1 x auxiliary input, headphone output
* Signal processing: 24-bit/44.1kHz
* Tuner detection range: A0--A6 (27.5Hz-1.76kHz)
* Power supply: AC adapter (included) or 6 x AA batteries (up to 10 hours)
* Power consumption: 390 mA


Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Power 3W
Speakers 1 x 5"
Effects Yes
Reverb Yes
EQ Low, High
Amp Modeling Yes
Number of Models 11
Inputs 1 x Instrument, 1 x Mic (1/4"), 1 x Aux (1/8")
Outputs 1 x Headphone (1/8")
No Footswitch I/O
No Effects Loop
Height 10.51"
Width 10.51"
Depth 7.05"
Weight 7.72 lbs.


Try this amp out with a Superstrat of some kind to get some good single coil tones as well as the humbucking tones. This amp is pretty versatile with the 11 amp models to choose from as well as the built in effects. I personally like the Cali Metal amp model which is based off of the Mesa style grind. It has a Mesa voicing with the Vox approach which is very cool an unique. So if you are a high gainer type guitar player than this might be a perfect fit for the practicing musician.


With its on board tuner and effects all you need is your guitar and maybe some headphones for quiet home or office jamming sessions. Not going to be an amp that you would record with or even play a gig with but for practice and jamming on the go ti is light portable and simple. Not a lot to it but plenty of tonal options for only $100 for a new one.

I would recommend this amp to anyone needing a quiet amp for light practice at home and silence is an issues. It sounds very Vox-ish and gets all those classic tones from the British based company along with new modern tones for high gain territory.