Vox DA5
Vox DA5

DA5, Amplificatore Portatile Chitarra from Vox belonging to the DA5 model.

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iamqman 12/04/2011

Vox DA5 : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)


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This is not a bad little amp by any means. This amp comes at the economic small and portable side of Vox's approach to simulation amps. This is not a typical Vox amp or the tone of a Vox amp even though you have a setting. This is going to be a sterile sounding solid state digital amp simulation. However, it is not going to sound too bad and even when you running the thing with dying batteries. This thing is battery operated.

VOX DA5 Classic at a glance:

* Classic Black w/Brown Diamond Grille
* The amplifier provides eleven distinctive sound styles that can be used in various musical genres.
* This portable amplifier is powered by six C batteries or the included AC adapter, enabling you to play anywhere.
* Inputs include an AUX IN jack, for connecting an external audio device (CD, MP3 player, etc.), and a MIC INPUT jack, so you can play guitar and sing along with recorded music.
* Eleven high-quality effects are built in and seven are multi effects that let you use two effects simultaneously, plus Noise Reduction.
* The power select switch lets you adjust the output power. This means that even when the master volume is turned up to the max to drive the power amp, you can lower the volume without losing any tone or feel.


VOX DA5 Classic Features:

* Number of Amp Types: 11
* Number of Effects: 11 plus Noise Reduction
* Power Amp Output: 5W RMS
* Speaker: VOX original 6.5"
* Signal Processing: 24-bit (A/D and D/A), 44.1 kHz sampling frequency
* Power Supply: Six C batteries or AC adapter
* Current Consumption: 390 mA
* Dimensions: 10.51" (W) x 7.05" (D) x 10.51" (H)
* Weight: 7.72 lbs.
* Included Accessories: AC adapter, carrying strap


This amp is not really and amp per se but a mini guitar playing speaker with amps sounds. You are not going to go up on stage with this thing or even record with it. You are going to tuck yourself away in your office or home and play without being disturbed.

I like this little unit with a Les Paul or humbucking style guitar. It has a high gain feature that sounds pretty fun to jam around with. You don't need any external effects since they have a bunch built into it. The only thing it is missing is a built in tuner. Then it would be an all in one portable office jamming machine.


This thing is ok and fun to mess around with. If you have spent any time with a real tube amp then this thing will not be that pleasurable for any great length of time. If you are closing your office or bedroom up and need a quite little 5 watt amp then this might be something you would go for.

At new they come in at around $140 and that isn't too bad of a price. I wish they had a tuner though then it would be great. It gets some fun tones and if you need something portable and don't care how it sounds for practicing then this might be right up your alley. I wouldn't recommend any engineer getting one of these things and if you are an engineer you probably already know that. So 14 year old kid this might be what you need.