Peavey KB/A 60
Peavey KB/A 60

KB/A 60, Amplificatore per tastiera from Peavey in the KB/A series.

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uttraon 26/05/2012

Peavey KB/A 60 : Recensione di uttraon (content in English)

"Very clean sound"

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Refer to manufacturer's specifications.

Nonetheless, here are the dimensions and weight (as they are not in the manual) :
Width = 51 cm
Height = 51 cm
Depth = 30 cm
Weight = 22 kg


Simple to use : only amplification, nothing more, nothing less.

The sound is very clean, no noise at all with a Roland GW-7 plugged into the low gain channel.

However, the reverb is not very efficient (but i do not use it)
The pins of the electric plug in the back are loosened, which is quite unusual for a USA made Peavey amplifier.

I forgot to say that 10 minutes warm up are necessary, otherwise, the bass sounds will sizzle.


What i like most : the clean sound (good signal/noise ratio), and the bass sounds are lovely.
Very good value for money

I would do the same choice again, if i can find a second hand one at the same price (70 €)