Atomic Amps Reactor FR
Atomic Amps Reactor FR
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loudfunk 25/03/2011

Atomic Amps Reactor FR : Recensione di loudfunk (content in English)

"Use modelling or run wet/dry/wet these are THE monitor to use..."

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Those are 1x12 and a tweeter 50 watt tube driven, powered monitors. The power section runs 2 6L6s. The design was done by New York amp designer Harry Kolbe who is known for his modded Marshall amp mods.

You'll get balanced XLR, and unbalanced 1/4 inch inputs. A 1/4 inch speaker in for use as a conventional passive monitor, for this you will have to run the amp switch in the off position.


Set-up is as easy as it gets using the output 1 via XLR cable to the monitors input, and the monitors XLR out to front of house. You will hear on your monitor what the audience hears and/or vice versa.


The sound you get is the sound you're used to. It's a full range monitor so it -assuming the preset is dialed in right-sound like what your sound is on recording, just at gig volumes.
Translates low volume sounds beautifully. for my taste any sound that has next to no volume is flat and lifeless and starts to become more lively as you turn up. In this case your starting point is already more elastic than expected and when cranking it becomes a lot of fun.


I've used the Atomic FR monitor with great result with the Axe-Fx of course. But the other thing they where perfect for was sending a line-out signal from my amp to effects and then into the Reactor. This way I had the unaffected dry guitar signal coming out of the guitar cab, and all the sauce like delay, verb, etc was supplied by the monitors, making for a great wet/dry or wet/dry/wet set-up. Or you can take it one step further and mic the dry cab with a Shure SM57 or Sennheiser 609 and send that from the mic pre to the effects and into the full range monitors ala Mike Landau or Larry Carlton.