Yamaha P2200
Yamaha P2200
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moosers 14/06/2010

Yamaha P2200 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Yamaha P2200 is a simple stereo power amplifier that can be used with just about any set of passive monitors. The P2200 wasn't a piece of gear that I went searching for in any capacity, but merely used it in tandem with a set of monitors in a professional recording studio. It is actually a pretty powerful amplifier, so I'd recommend using it with a larger set of studio monitors that would require a good amount of juice like the large Tannoy monitors that I used this with. It has XLR connections in the back of it for both of the channels. While I didn't have another power amplifier to test out with the monitors to get a side by side comparison, generally when you see a power amplifier being used in a professional studio it means that they've done the proper testing and research to make sure that the power amplifier is ideal with the monitors. Having said this, I highly recommend you to do the same when it comes to matching up a power amplifier and your passive monitors. I can't say that I'd recommend this power amplifier for you unless you've got a proper set of monitors to go with them. However, for the situation that I used them in it has definitely be a trustworthy power amplifier that does it's job well while being reliable and well built. I definitely trust Yamaha when it comes to all of their products, as even though they are the world's largest musical instrument and accessories manufacturer by a lot, they still tend to make high quality products across the board. I can't say that I'd recommend seeking out the P2200 in particular, but if you do come across one it's worth seeing if it would be a good fit for your monitors.