Eigenlabs Eigenharp Alpha
Eigenlabs Eigenharp Alpha

Eigenharp Alpha, Altro Superficie di Controllo MIDI from Eigenlabs.

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mikemilton 27/03/2012

Eigenlabs Eigenharp Alpha : Recensione di mikemilton (content in English)

"A wonderful experience to play"

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If anything was 'perfect' this instrument would have got my vote.

I've had an Alpha since they first became available. While they are able to act as a MIDI controller, they are really a complete instrument by themselves, have several 'internal' sounds and can host virtually any AU or VST.

The Alpha is exquisitely made and is, as a result, expensive. (The Tau is essentially the same and very reasonably priced)

What do I like?
- it is incredibly tactile and expressive, well beyond what MIDI is capable of
- there is total configurability
- one can load multiple AUs/VSTs at the same time and play them simultaneously or sequentially in multiple keygroups
- It has an excellect mic-pre and headphone amp built in
- all information (including mic and in-ear monitors) flows through a single cable (mine is 80Ft long) giving complete freedom of movement
- The ability to configure the instrument and SW has greatly improved and continues to be refreshed

Knowing what I know now:
- if I were buying one now, my only wish would be to have bought earlier at a better price

Is there a not-to-like
- it has quite a learning curve and the keys are *so* expressive they take practice (like playing a fretless instrument)
- You can play any hard or soft synth right out-of-the-box using factory setups but advanced customization
and making your own setups can be technically challenging (this has improved greatly)