Oscar Schmidt OS-45CE
Oscar Schmidt OS-45CE

OS-45CE, Altro strumento a Corda pizzicata from Oscar Schmidt.

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moosers 26/10/2011

Oscar Schmidt OS-45CE : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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Oscar Schmidt's OS-45CE is a 21 chord electric auto harp. If you haven't used an auto harp before, you'll find that it's a pretty unique instrument, mostly used in folk but not limited to it of course. The top is made out of a laminated spruce while it has 11 keys and just about every chord that you could think of. This one is also an electric instrument and has a 1/4" connection as well as a built in tuner. I don't know much about the pick up but it's nice when used as a DI output as well. I'm not a professional auto harpist or anything close to it, but it's not exactly the hardest instrument to play in the world, no offense to auto harpists. If you know what chords you want to play, you've got them all to choose from here. This is perfect for adding a bit of flash to your song, but is also nice auto harp for anyone looking to get into playing it seriously. I don't know very much about Oscar Schmidt but most of the auto harps that I've seen out there seem to have his name on it. One of the studios that I work out of has this and I've used it a couple of times on tracks to hear what it was like. It only made the cut on one track but for that song it really helped it to come together. You can get a cheaper auto harp made by Oscar Schmidt if you don't need a pick up, but this is a great price for one that does. A few hundred US dollars can get you a nice sounding and playing auto harp like this OS-45CE. I can't recall using an auto harp from another brand, so while I can't compare them to another brand, I do know that this is reliable and would be a find addition to any folkys studio or instrument collection.