Tone2 Gladiator
Tone2 Gladiator
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DJ Henny 12/03/2011

Tone2 Gladiator : Recensione di DJ Henny (content in English)

"Great synth."

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Gladiator VST installed on my computers without a single problem at all. This VST has worked fine in every DAW I have ever used, including FL Studio, Ableton Live and Cubase 5. It works great on both of my systems, a low end and a high end machine without any latency or choppiness in the sound. The GUI can be rather confusing to find all the presets and at first I initially browsed presets through the FL patch list instead of the actual browser on the VST. This VST is similar to PoiZone in a way that the GUI is pretty confusing with all the knobs and dials and can be pretty intimidating for the new user.


This VST works flawlessly on both of my systems. It is very stable and hasn't ever crashed my system, or programs. The load time of the presets is speedy and near instant. The preset menu is hard to find initially but once you have it it is easy to flick through the categories of sounds and presets. There are arrow buttons to flick through but selective picking of sounds is hard and complicated to do on this VST. I prefer the traditional browser selection method in VST's such as Sampletank. I have used this VST for quite a while now and it's been a part of quite a few of my tracks.


This VST is brilliant for dance and club synths, and is jam packed with nice leads and thick pads. The pads especially are brilliant for almost any track Lots of the synths do however sound nearly the same. They sound brilliant in any RNB or Hip Hop song. The VST also has a nice range of pads and atmosphere sounds for the backdrop. There is quite a few filler sounds in this VST that are just there for the sake of it and do not really contribute to the actual VST. I'm not sure if there are any expansion packs for this VST however if there is I would be interested in finding some. I do not like the way presets are selected though and the actual GUI. That is the only problem I actually have with Gladiator. Knowing what I know now, I would still get this VST if it didn't come with FL. This VST is an essential for anybody making club or dance music.