Hollow Sun TriOsc
Hollow Sun TriOsc
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songboy 01/03/2012

Hollow Sun TriOsc : Recensione di songboy (content in English)

"I love this thing! Retro sound for a Retro Price with loads of potential."

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I run this on a Macbook Pro i7, 8gb ram 10.6.8 with an RME Fireface 800 in Kontakt 5. So far it has been perfectly compatible with setup. No need for a manual as this is just an interesting take on basic synthesis and effect manipulation. Setup was a breeze. Just download, install, and locate in Kontakt's File browser for TriOsc Instrument folder. All the functions exist on 2 pages, "control panel" which contains all of your standard synthesis parameters (attack, sustain, decay, release, LFO, wave selector, etc....) and "effects" where you will find Amp simulation, Chorus, Phaser, Echo and Reverb with all there individual tweakable parameters. The interface is kind of a love/hate thing. I love the vintage look for the aesthetics and novelty because I have always had a love of old, 60's looking tube gear. But, it is a pretty dark and instead of traditional knobs for the parameters, you get "dials" that only indicate the status via a little display in the middle. It seems funny but I realize now how much I like the "pointers" on knobs when designing sounds. I feel like they help me look at my soundscaping as positions on a clock. I'm so used to thinking a long attack sounds great when set to 2 o'clock that it has taken a little getting used to TriOsc's setup.


The only issue I have experienced is when I am using only my Laptop and trying to use the computer keyboard to trigger midi notes in Kontakt standalone. Every note I hit continually sustains until I hit the panic button. Other than that, I have had no other problems, no crashes and no lost work. Because the former issue is so little to me, I still give this a 10 out of 10. Mainly due to the awesome sounds you can make with this unit and the fact that it has this very vintage, very raw kind of sound that seems ever increasingly rare in the new digital frontier. My favorite use for this synth is writing, percussive sequences that range from clean plucking arpeggios to outlandish freq'd out bells to subtle, soft leads. Although having only sine and triangle waves for the oscillators, you can really get a wide range of sounds from this guy. I have only been using TriOsc for a few months but I have used it often.


What I like most about it is the combination of the quality sounds, the vintage tone and the cheap price. I imagine the guys at TriOsc really like there work and just love to share to give this away for only $8. The only thing I can say I dislike is the GUI can be hard to read at times. I don't think you will find a better synthesizer in this price range. The precision and quality of the samples to my ears sounds excellent. Everything I get out of this synth has that tone that makes me want to wear a lab coat and smoke cigarettes without knowing they are bad for you. I have owned lots of hardware and software synths but none that have emulated old vintage space launch gear. I definitely would recommend this for anyone who has less than $10 in there pockets and wants to get a very unique, very entertaining and sonically pleasing sample set.