Bose SoundDock
Bose SoundDock

SoundDock, Altro prodotto Hi-Fi from Bose.

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moosers 21/06/2010

Bose SoundDock : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Bose SoundDock is a portable iPod player for consumer audio purposes. It's a pretty simple device, with a built in speaker and a slot for your iPod, which I believe can be any iPod. Unfortunately I don't believe that you can use this with any other mp3 players, as it doesn't have an auxiliary jacks. For such a compact player, it has a really big sound and can get quite loud. It also comes with a remote control that I haven't really used too much. That's pretty much all that one would need to know about the general make up of the SoundDock, as it is simple and gets the job done for simply listening to music on. I don't use this for any sort of audio engineering purposes, beyond perhaps checking a mix on it occasionally, but it really isn't best for this sort of use either. It should really just be considered a consumer audio product for those who are looking for a modern day audio playing system. I actually really like the sound of the SoundDock as it boasts a good amount of low end for a small dock and in general has a very full and impressive sound. Like I said earlier, the only downfall is that you've only got the option of using it with an iPod. For me this isn't a problem as I've got an iPod for listening to music on, but I can see how this would be a problem for someone who does not. The price is also an issue, as I do think that it's a bit overpriced due to the Bose brand. In general Bose products will be a bit overpriced, but beyond this I do believe that this will deliver for those interested as it's a convenient device with a great sound and easily portability...