Genuine Soundware / GSi Burn

Burn, Altro Processore di Effetti from Genuine Soundware / GSi.

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scoultrane 06/12/2013

Genuine Soundware / GSi Burn : Recensione di scoultrane (content in English)

"My XK3 never sounded so good!"

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This is a very flexible piece of gear, and the guys at GSI are constantly updating their firmware to improve their products - which means you won't be forced to buy a new gadget a few years down the line. The input gain is a little on the low side, but it's easy enough to use the headphone output to increase the volume if the sound guy needs more juice from the keyboard. The input / output / MIDI options are very flexible.


The menu on the unit is very intuitive, there is a PC or Mac editor available, and the manual is very clearly written.


The leslie simulation is top-notch. The doppler effect is VERY well modeled, and unlike most other sims I've heard, the high end doesn't get annoyingly pitchy when it's switched to fast speed - not only that, but you can dial in the level of frequency modulation you want. The cabinet characteristics are also very well done. The overdrive is generally very good, though the tube gain kicks in a little hot. The only caveat here is that one of the preset effects (the 147 amp model) on my unit exhibits some audio artifacts that sound a little like static. I've been in contact with the builders, though, and they have been very good about helping me figure out what's going on. This should be resolved soon enough, and it seems to only affect this one effect. The 122 preset is my personal favorite, anyway, and it sounds FANTASTIC - my old Hammond XK3 hasn't been this much fun to play in years!


147 preset issue aside, this is a GREAT Leslie simulation pedal. It's flexible, it's very programmable, it's very, very authentic in its sound quality. For the money, you can't go wrong with this thing. And the fact that these guys will offer frequent firmware updates for the life of the pedal is a HUGE plus!