Connectland 4 Port USB Hub
Connectland 4 Port USB Hub

4 Port USB Hub, Computer Keyboard from Connectland.

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moosers 08/02/2011

Connectland 4 Port USB Hub : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Connectland 4 Port USB Hub is a four way USB splitter for computer applications of any kind. I recently got this a few weeks ago after I needed a new one when my old USB splitter kind of stopped working, although it never really worked too well to begin with. I did a good amount of research on USB hubs and found that this would probably give me the best bang for my buck, and I seem to have been right up until now. Since I run my DAW on my Mac Book Pro laptop, I've only got two available USB ports to work with. I have a fan for my computer that I usually will use with one and with the other I plug my iLok in for activating Pro Tools 9 and the plug-ins that I've got. For a while I would have to choose between using the USB fan and my Apple Mighty Mouse! This is a tough decision to make, hence why I picked up this Connectland 4 Port USB Hub. This has solved this problem and it still leaves me with a few extra USB ports just in case. The problem I was having with my old USB splitter was that it would only recognize certain USB devices. With this one, I've yet to have any problems at all with it powering up USB devices. The price makes it the cheapest four port USB hub I could that would work. My old USB hub was only a couple of dollars, and it doesn't work! So I went ahead and gladly brought the Connectland 4 Port USB Hub for just a few bucks more and it works great! It's also cool that you can turn on or off each of the four individual ports. If you're looking for a four way USB hub, look no further than the Connectland 4 Port USB Hub.