Expert Sleepers Oomingmak
Expert Sleepers Oomingmak

Oomingmak, Altro effetto plug-in from Expert Sleepers.

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songboy 05/08/2011

Expert Sleepers Oomingmak : Recensione di songboy (content in English)

"Very weird therefore very cool"

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I use this mainly in Ableton 8 with a Macbook Pro i7 8gb ram. I have had no compatibility issues thus far. I perused the manual when I first got it but overall you won't need it if you are familiar with the structure of a Synthesizer (i.e. LFO, Wave Forms, Oscillators, etc.....). Setup is as simple as instantiating the plugin on an audio track and then sending audio through that track. It works great on just about any audio source but I recommend guitar, drums and vocals. Mono instrument react best in my opinion as well as percussive instruments. You can get some good sounds with poly instruments too but you can easily get too much sound and mud up your sound. All the functions are located on the front of the GUI and are easily accessible.


The software works great. It eats some CPU but not too much that its a deal breaker. So far I have had nothing but good results from this plugin. No crashes and no hiccups. I give it a 10 out of 10. You need to spend some time dialing in your sound. It's quite convoluted due to the amount of parameters to mess around with. If you are not familiar with synths than its a good idea to do that before getting this plugin because you will be twisting some knobs and saying, "that didn't do anything." I have had this plug in a month and have been able to get some crazy sounds out of it relatively quickly. The presets are a good way to get you going too and also show you what this thing can do.


What I like about this plugin is the general concept. I don't know of any other plugins that do this. It's very similar to the Electro Harmonix Guitar Synth in structure but of course it's a heck of a lot cheaper. I also really like using it on drums or even whole mixes just to get some chaos. It can really help get those "noise" breakdowns that I crave. Nothing comes to mind that I dislike about it. For $29 you can't go wrong. It certainly doesn't sound as good as say my Moog Slim Phatty but the quality is certainly good enough. This is the only plugin or hardware that I have personally used that does this. Yes, I would definitely do but this again as it is one of kind (at least as far as I know).