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Box, Altro Controller Luci from Sweetlight.

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Audiofanzine FR 09/03/2009

Sweetlight Box : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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Audience: Advanced Users
(Originally written by dtdfedoras/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I finally found the software that combines the ease of use of a console with power of a software. If Sunlite and Daslight disappointed you (like me) take a look at this fabulous software. After two nights creating every possible moving yoke configuration, I can say that this software is extremely powerful and ultra easy to use. Just select your devices in fixture, choose a group and shortcut keys and enter your colors and gobos. In builder, create very simple scenes (for example "red color", "gobo 1" or "prism on"). In live, import all these buttons and use them in real time. The generator is a breeze for lighting motion. Everything is INCREDIBLY EASY!! I'm not a software fan and I was quite disappointed by Sunlite, which isn't practical at all, has some bugs and it crashes a lot (like Daslight)!! Sweetlight never crashed during events because it uses almost zero system resources (its GUI is very poor but I don't care!!!). It's very easy to create scenes with presets (generator) or step by step (builder). You must try out this product and buy it if you want to change your lighting console for a software solution.

This software allows you to easily create many simple scenes (for example a scene with only a color change on a page named colors) and motion scenes and import them into a page (you can name motion) in live. Make the same thing with gobos, etc. Then, on a stage, open ONLY live and depress every button you need in real time. Sunlight works in a similar way, but the buttons have been ALREADY created. With Sunlight, YOU create buttons, which is much more convenient when you want to change settings. You can trigger all live buttons with a small Midi keyboard, allowing you to work VERY fast.

Nothing is perfect and there are some small problems to be solved in future versions, but the software has a solid foundation. Hats off!

It would be nice to have several generators in the next version...

Last Sunday I had an event and I controlled the whole lighting system together with someone else. I had my Sweetlight and my technician used his Sunlight.

Each of us controlled moving yokes and washes, as well as simple LED PARs.

Our goal was to create a nice scene for the PARs with dimming, color changes, strobe effects and chaser. I had everything sorted out within 45 seconds and my colleague needed almost five minutes to get the same results!!! Sunlight allows you to get average results in a record time. On the other hand, Sweetlight requires a bit more preparation but once you're done with that it's extremely powerful and ultra fast if you want good results. Finally, it's much easier than all competitor products.