Neutrik NKTT12
Neutrik NKTT12

NKTT12, Altro Cavo/Connettore from Neutrik.

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moosers 11/01/2011

Neutrik NKTT12 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Neutrik NKTT12's are TT patch cables for use in a studio's patch bay. Neutrik is best known for makers connectors for cables as well as patch bays and other products for in studio use where connections need to be made. They're probably the most respected in this sense, as whenever custom cables are being used you'll see Neutrik connectors on them. The NKTT12's are for TT based patch bays, which are the only type of patch bays we've got at the studio where I work. We have a number of different rooms on site, each with their own patch bay (many of them Neutrik), and most also feature Neutrik patch cables. We also have a ton of Mogami TT patch cables, but also have a lot of these NKTT12's. It's especially important to have a proper and secure connection when it comes to patching in on your patch bay as everything runs through it, so this is not going to be the place you want to skimp on in the studio. I don't know if you buy these in bulk, but the vast array of them that we have suggests that you can and that would be the way to do. They do come a number of lengths, as we've got some super short, medium, and really long Neutrik patch cables on hand. I don't know what kind of price each of these would command, but being that they are Neutrik, these most likely aren't going to be the cheapest way to get TT patch cables, but again this isn't something where you want to try to save money. Definitely do yourself a favor and get at the Neutrik NKTT12s for your patch bay and never worry again about having a secure connection within your patch bay, as to me that'd be worth the few extra dollars it will cost you to go with Neutrik...