Lp Mic Claw
Lp Mic Claw
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moosers 26/08/2010

Lp Mic Claw : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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LP's Mic Claw is a unique clamp that is designed for attaching microphones to your drums. It's a simple device, with a clamp on one end and a microphone clip on the other. LP also makes a percussion claw, which is similar but is designed for mounting percussion on a kit. While the LP Mic Claw is great for attaching mics to drums for sure, it also works very well outside of using it on drums. I've also used it on guitar cabinets, as it's very easy to place and clamps easily on just about anything you can get a grip on. It's definitely useful both in the studio and on the stage, but I've only got experience using it in a studio setting.


While perhaps not 100% necessary, LP's Mic Claw is a very nice thing to have around the studio. There are of course plenty of ways to get the job done without using something like this, but it makes the job of placing microphones close on drums all that much easier. It's perfect for placing on a snare drum that might be hard to get to if you used a traditional stand. It also clears up clutter and takes up less space in general. I'd probably only recommend the Mic Claw if you're going to be using it for drums and percussion primarily, as even though it works great for other applications, it probably isn't needed for that kind of use. The Mic Claw could be a bit less expensive than it is in my opinion, but it still isn't really much. However, if you do consider that you can get a full mic stand for this price, you might reconsider if it's not that important to you. Either way you want to use it, the LP Mic Claw is a great little tool that you can't find elsewhere...