Line 6 Relay G30
Line 6 Relay G30

Relay G30, Altro Accessorio per chitarra from Line 6 in the Relay series.

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mike montana 02/08/2014

Line 6 Relay G30 : Recensione di mike montana (content in English)

"good sound but poor build quality"

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I bought two G30 systems..a lot of money for me. The very first time i used first one ,the belt clip FELL need velcro strip to secure. On the second one, after three weeks the battery housing latch crumbled and is now secured by a homemade strip of bent metal..not ideal. Pity, because the sound is good..hope the build quality has been improved for future users. Footnote; interesting to see that my original review of this product as stated above , has been REMOVED from the review section ....leaving only grovelling GOOD reviews !!! Anyway, don't care anymore ....what's the point? mm