Tdk CD-R
Tdk CD-R
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moosers 01/01/2011

Tdk CD-R : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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TDK's CD-R's are blank CD's that hold 80 minutes of music or 700 megabytes of data. They are pretty standard CD-R's, as they do the job with nothing more and nothing less. I've got these at my house currently for burning music and data of all kinds. They were pretty much the cheapest blank CD's that I could find, as I mostly use them to burn mixes for clients for reference and sometimes for personal listening purposes. I probably wouldn't burn a master copy of anything onto this for mastering or something of the like, but they should do the job just fine for this anyway. I'd still probably recommend getting something of a little higher quality, but really, it won't affect it all that much I don't think. I've never really had a problem with TDK's CD-R's as I think any issues I have burning from my Mac Book Pro is due to the computer's burner. There's not much that sets these CD-R's apart other than the price, but really that should be enough as these are about as cheap as you'll find CD-R's. With the price of large sized external hard drives coming down so much as they have, DVD-R's and CD-R's really aren't as necessary as they once were, but it's still necessary to have some blank media around in the studio as clients and engineers alike will like to bring home mixes in the progress to listen to at home to get a different perspective. For me I know this is helpful and it's really easy to burn a mix right onto one of these CD-R's and pop it in my car's CD player. Most people at home probably won't be needing CD-R's anymore, but if you do TDK's are incredibly cheap and do the job as well as any I've used...