Ebtech HE-2 Hum Eliminator
Ebtech HE-2 Hum Eliminator

HE-2 Hum Eliminator, Altro prodotto from Ebtech.

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moosers 16/12/2010

Ebtech HE-2 Hum Eliminator : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Morley HE-2 Hum Eliminator is a two channel device with one purpose in mind: getting rid of unwanted AC hum and noise. The two channels each have 1/4" TRS jacks for inputs and outputs. It goes under the sub-name Ebtech, but is put out by Morley, although I'm not 100% on the relationship here. It isn't rack mountable as it stands as it's own box.


There isn't anything at all to using the Morley HE-2 Hum Eliminator. Once you've made your connections to set it up, you're good to go as there aren't any parameters or further setting controls. The box does it's thing by getting rid of noise around 60 Hz. I haven't seen the manual for the HE-2 nor do I ever anticipate needing to look at it.


The Morley HE-2 Hum Eliminator does a pretty good overall job of getting rid of unwanted noise and hum that you'll tend to get with amps and whenever something isn't grounded. Usually a ground plug will do the trick, but this is like a super ground plug that will almost always rid you of unwanted noise. It doesn't have the capability of choosing where you'd like to eliminate noise as it only has one real purpose, but it can definitely come in handy in theses situations...


If you find that you're having noise and grounding issues on a daily basis, the Morley HE-2 Hum Eliminator is definitely something you're going to want to have around. Of course there are other ways to get rid of noise, but having this to get rid of it at the source is one of the most ideal options. It's not very expensive but isn't incredibly cheap, but keep in mind you're getting two channels here. The HE-2 is definitely one of the most compact and effective noise removers that I've used before.