CORAL SITAR, Altra Chitarra Elettrica from Jerry Jones.

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moosers 28/01/2009

Jerry Jones CORAL SITAR : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Jerry Jones Coral Sitar is made in the USA, Tennessee to be exact, and is one of the most interesting guitars I have ever used. I really sounds like a sitar! It has 21 frets, a few single coil pickups. It also has 13 sympathetic strings that adds to its unique sound and vibrate while you are playing. The sympathetic strings can also be played. It features what they call a "buzz bridge" that gives it the signature electric sitar sound. It has six controls for tone and volume for the different pickups that provide a variety of sounds.


Beyond the unique sitar sound this produces, the neck is one of the nicest guitar necks I have played, sitar or regular. It is easy to play all around the neck and is pretty light in weight. It also has an awesome shape and comes in a variety of cool colors. It is very easy to get a nice sound from this as it will always have the awesome sound of an electric sitar.


The Coral Sitar can be an incredible effect if used in the right musical context. I play a lot of acoustic and rock music and this works as a great color in a lot of situations for me. I use it with a '76 Fender Twin Reverb or a Fender '65 Deluxe, and it sounds great on both. I also like using it with a bit of delay - either with my T-Rex Replica or my Line 6 DL-4. The electric sitar sound is one that I have grown quite fond of and I have trouble using it sparingly. It is a sound that has been used for a while in rock and has been used by Steely Dan quite a bit.


I've had the Jerry Jones Coral Sitar for about a year and I really can't get enough of the sound it makes. It is clean and has a unique sound that is impossible to get from anything other than an electric sitar. I have never played any other kind of electric sitar, so I can't compare it to anything that is like it. I have grown to like the Jerry Jones model of guitars and really like the Neptune Baritone guitar they make as well. They make sturdy guitars that are well built and are very reasonably priced. All in all I love the Coral Sitar and hope I will have it in my collection for year to come!