Casio MG 510 MIDI
Casio MG 510 MIDI

MG 510 MIDI, Altra Chitarra Elettrica from Casio.

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Audiofanzine FR 14/03/2009

Casio MG 510 MIDI : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by dragonjell/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Two single coil pickups, one humbucker, 5-way toggle switch, volume and tone controls.

Midi synth, integrated tuner, volume control via Midi (guitar, Midi, Midi and guitar).

The guitar is heavy but feels comfortable when standing up if you have a wide strap. It doesn't move a lot while you play.

The guitar is equipped with a tremolo without locking system.

I don't expect anything else from this guitar...


Very pleasant neck width, it's neither too slim nor too thick.

The guitar has a Strat-shape with the corresponding playability.

It's easy to get a good sound. The 5-way toggle switch and the pickup quality provide a very wide sound range.

I already said it: the guitar is heavy.


I love the sound of this guitar!

Very warm and round, not metallic.

I play mainly heavy metal but I already played in a reggae band with this guitar and got very good results. I've also played funk. The different pickup combinations provide a fat low sound (neck) and a good punchy sound for funk parts.

This guitar always sounds good regardless of the amp or the effect pedals!

Nevertheless, if you want to play heavy metal, you must have good and adequate gear to get a big sound because it was not conceived for that particular music style.


I've been using it for eight years and it still works very well (it was already several years old when I bought it).

I like most of all its sound versatility: I can play anything with guitar and the sound is always very pleasant (neither aggressive nor dark).

Cons: weight... You'll need strong arms to carry it in its flightcase... But the most important point is the sound!

Based on my experience, I'm sure I would buy it again because it's a wonderful guitar.