Brian Moore i1 (serie i2000) Cherry Sunburst
Brian Moore i1 (serie i2000) Cherry Sunburst

i1 (serie i2000) Cherry Sunburst, Altra Chitarra Elettrica from Brian Moore.

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Audiofanzine FR 09/03/2009

Brian Moore i1 (serie i2000) Cherry Sunburst : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by [Iryan]/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
American guitar made in Korea.

22 frets. Three Seymour Duncan pickups: two humbuckers, one Alnico II Hum in the neck position (for jazz, blues, etc.) and a JB Hum in the bridge position (good for fat distortion). One Alnico single coil pickup (for vintage rock)


Two controls: volume and tone

5-way toggle switch

Front output (looks quite nice)

USB connector

Sperzel auto-locking tuners


Very pleasant maple neck but with fret noise! I tried everything to adjust the neck but the fret noise remains.

The guitar is not too heavy, it's pleasant to carry ;-)

I never used the USB interface because I have a much better external sound card.

The auto-locking tuners are reliable although they tend to break the strings in some cases.

You can split the humbuckers thanks to the pull function of the knobs. Classic solution but not always convenient.

I regret that the tremolo bar is screwed down... I prefer a tremolo bar you can simply push in the bridge like on a Wilkinson system I know. That system is faster and allows you to have an accurate floating tremolo bar, which is not really possible with this one...


I bought it for its sound!

I wanted a warm and brilliant sound but not a twangy Strat-like sound.

The single coil and the neck pickups are perfect for clean sound. The different pickup combinations produce a sound that ranges from funk to jazz to Robbie Kriegger (The Doors' guitarist). The bridge pickup is useless for clean sounds.

But it provides a distorted sound that is heavy, metallic and brilliant.

The neck pickup needs a heavy distortion or a fat fuzz. In that case it sounds very good and increases the versatility of the guitar. But it has too much punch to be used in another context.


I've been owning it for three years.

I don't regret having bought it (but who would say he bought a bad product?).

The guitar looks wonderful and it gives me the sound I was looking for.

It's very versatile (every sound is good!) and I am still discovering new applications.

Would I recommend it? No! I want to be the only one using it!