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ericthegreat 25/11/2011

PRS CE24 : Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)

"grand slam "

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The PRS CE24 is an Amazing guitar! Before buying this guitar I had looked at a bunch of others. I was really focusing on the Billie Joe Les Paul but once I played the PRS CE24 it blew my mind away. This guitar has so many sounds in it. I can get that great rock n roll sound, and still get a great blues sound, and with a little distortion you get some great punk.


The split coil pickups are definitely an amazing design, I love them. And not to mention how sexy this thing looks. I have owned the exact same one as pictured and looks absolutely beautiful. I definitely recommend getting this guitar if you are willing to splurge a little cash, because they don’t come too cheap. Hopefully you can find this exact same color.


This guitar leans closer to the latter, but it doesn't have the raw crunch and power of, say, a Les Paul. It's more of a guitar for progessive metal, and really 80's style rock leads, though with the right amp combo it can sound good for more general rock too. If I had to say whether or not it suited my style, I'd probably say no. But I'd be doing the guitar a great disservice to say that it didn't sound good. As far as the tones it's going for, it's got them nailed. The leads and sustain are soaring. The more well-known guys who use these guitars all use them to great effect, and this guitar is one of their better models. I must say though, I'm not a fan of the clean tones at all, they seem boring and have no pop.


The guitar just sounds great, and its exactly what use guitar players love to have in our possesion. Its not hard at all to get a nice clean sound. The top frets are really easy to reach and the high notes sound amazing. it’s a nice heavy guitar, but not too have in weight terms. With 24 frets and 2 hum buckers you cant go wrong with the PRS CE24.