Parker Guitars Fly Mojo
Parker Guitars Fly Mojo

Fly Mojo, Altra Chitarra Elettrica Solid Body from Parker Guitars in the Fly Mojo series.

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ericthegreat 25/11/2011

Parker Guitars Fly Mojo : Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)

"Just wasnt for me"

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One guitar that I always wanted to try a Parker Mojo Fly. So I purchased a used one and from day one had problems with it. It wouldn't stay in tune and the sound really wasn't on par with my other guitars (a PRS custom 22 and an Ibanez Prestige Team J Craft - don't expect me to remember the exact model of that Ibanez, as it's all numbers and letters ;) No matter what I did, I couldn't keep this thing in tune. Even with the locking tuners. I tried many different sets of strings, nut lube on the nut and bridge, even chap stick and pencil lead.


I have been playing electric guitar for many years, and in that time, I've owned many guitars. Some great, some ok, and some, just pure junk. There was a time when I had over 20 guitars (electric and acoustic). At that time, maybe 1 or 2 were great, 1 or 2 were ok, and the rest. Junk. So years have gone by and I decided I would rather have just a few great guitars than a bunch of junk. quality over quantity I guess. I was thinking that the Parker Mojo Fly was going to be the fix that I needed. But I guess not, unless I just had a defected unit but I wasn’t going to take a chance and get another one.


Everything you could do to try and keep this thing tuned up, I luck. Still for the few minutes that it was in tune, it certainly wasn't a bad guitar. It felt great, sounded pretty good, and looked beautiful. So it was with reluctance that I decided to bring it back and exchange for something else. It was possible that since I purchased it used that something was wrong with it.


Good thing that the store let me return. But besides the tune part, the guitar looks and feels pretty good. But if you don’t want to be out of tune, pass on this one.