Larrivée RS-4 80's
Larrivée RS-4 80's
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iamqman 14/09/2011

Larrivée RS-4 80's : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Sweet 80's"

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These Larrivee guitars are straight out of the handbook/ playbook of the 80s guitarist. These look sound and feel exactly like someone from the 80's would play. It has a defined 80s look and 80's sound which isn't bad but it is very particular to the 80's style of music that you would think or believe to hear this guitar.


These guitars features a humbucker pickup in the bridge and then a single coil and another single coil in the middle in the neck positions. It also has a volume control knob any tone control knob as well as a pick up selector. I really like the headstock on this guitar because it's a pointy head stock which makes me really think about the 80 styles of hair metal music. It has 22 frets and is a pretty long scale length neck. Overall it is a very impressive looking guitar to me.


This guitar is a cool guitar when you play with the nice high gain amplifier such as a Marshall amplifier or something like that. Also and ADA preamp would work well with his guitar. I'm mentioning those amps and this preamp primarily because the 80s sound is in these heavily used pieces of that equipment that they were in the 80s. This is it going to be a guitar that you can play Coldplay music with, this is something that you're going to rip out some Van Halen type of tones or some Motley Crue with.


I recommend this guitar to anyone he's in love with the 80s and really likes just likes to style and look at the 80's sound. These guitars are fairly hard to find, but if you're so lucky at a decent price but certainly not the prices of some modern 80s guitar style builders or custom shop builders. It is a cool guitar and something that would be an alternative to a Kramer or a Charvel.