Godin LG Hmb
Godin LG Hmb
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Audiofanzine FR 11/12/2008

Godin LG Hmb : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by marc05400/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Everything has been already said...

My model doesn't have a push/pull knob. But positions 2 and 4 split the humbuckers!

I read and heard everywhere that Godin humbuckers are good pickups! I shall add that they are perfectly quiet.


Great neck. In the beginning I found it a bit too narrow (I learned guitar with a classical guitar...) The neck quickly ages and gets very smooth and pleasant. No problem getting to the upper frets.

Quick action setting thanks to the T.O.M bridge. If you have a heavy string attack and leave the original string set (10/46) you will have to set the action higher to avoid fret noise.

The guitar is quite heavy but it's not a problem even after 2 or 3 hours of playing. The guitar is well-balanced and stays in the position you want.


I bought this guitar for its versatility. I craved for it such a long time, but I'm not fully satisfied yet... However I can say now that this guitar sounds jazzy with my VOX AD30VT. It' needless to say that it has a perfect blues sound...

In order to get warm and round sounds I first installed jazz, flat-wound 11-50 strings, but then I changed to 12-52 strings (to avoid the power loss I noticed on the high E-string with 11-50 strings).

The pickups have a high output volume and it's certainly an advantage for power rock, but it makes things more complicated if you want to get clean or slightly "crunched" sounds like me, but it is possible (even with my VOX which tends to distort pretty fast).

I can't wait to test it with more typical jazz amps or even an acoustic amp (AER for example).

My guitar teacher used to say "Some solid-body guitars produce a more authentic jazz tone than some jazz-style hollow-body guitars..."

Also notice that the second position produces an acoustic-like sound (split neck pickup).

What else? A great sustain (perhaps it's a false impression but I even feel the strings' vibration when I play...). A good unplugged sound that allows you to practice and tune the guitar even with a tuner with a small integrated mic...


High-quality, versatile guitar with a long life expectancy and an affordable price...

This guitar requires some time to be "mastered". At least for someone like me who played a nylon acoustic. I needed a long time! And I'm not done yet...