Godin LG Hmb
Godin LG Hmb
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iamqman 29/09/2011

Godin LG Hmb : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"NIce and decent"

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Godin guitars is known for making pretty good sounding guitars but even more impressive looking guitars. They do have their classic guitars that take a lot of influence from previous guitar manufactures but then they put their own twist on some of their other instruments such as this guitar. This is the LG HMD guitar which sort of looks like a Gibson Les Paul guitar.

This guitar features a five way pick up selector with two humbucker pick ups. You can also split the two coils was a push pull button on the volume and tone control knobs. This gives this guitar a lot of versatility.


Mahogany Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
Black Machines(Satin finish) 18:1 ratio
Mahogany Body
Schaller Bridge
5-way Switch
Godin Humbucker Pickups
Colors: Natural, Trans Red, Cognacburst, Black Pearl

** deluxe gig bag included


The tone of this guitar is a very good with its mahogany wood tone. If you've ever played in Gibson Les Paul guitar and you're good to be right in good company with this guitar. It has a nice warm rich tone primarily due to the thick mahogany wood on the body and neck. You have rosewood fretboard so to which it balances out the thick tone of the mahogany wood. Overall is a very cool guitar and sounds great with a good high gain amplifier of some sort, such as a Marshall or a Mesa Boogie.


I have no idea what the price is for these down the new market. However in the used market. You can find them pretty cheap. They're not necessarily a cheap guitar but you can find them pretty inexpensively because of their price points. If you're looking for a fun alternative to the Fender or Gibson guitars and this is a good way to start because they're cool guitars and they have a good sound and overall pretty good rock 'n roll guitar.