Godin LG Signature
Godin LG Signature

LG Signature, Altra Chitarra Elettrica Solid Body from Godin in the LG/LGT/LGX/LGXT series.

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Audiofanzine FR 14/12/2008

Godin LG Signature : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by Stratman junior/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Made in Canada.

22 frets, rosewood fingerboard with pearl inlay on the 21st (brand logo comparable to the PRS Bird).

2 pickups with signed chrome housings chosen by Mr Seymour Duncan himself according to the Godin website.

Nice mahogany top with a Les Paul bridge set really low. The guitar has a string through-body system. Good-quality machine heads.

The neck is made out of several first-class maple woods without paint. It is a mix between vintage and modern. As times goes by the wood seems to get better and build up character. The previous owner bought it secondhand in 2007.

One volume and one tone knob.

This LG model (without an X) has neither piezo pickup nor Midi output but that doesn't mean that the Signature Series' baby doesn't sound as good as her bigger sisters, the LGXSA and LGXT.


I find the neck is perfect with a 10 - 46 string set. When I got it had a 12 - 52 string set.

It's a bit like a Gibson Les Paul in the sense that you have to get to know it before really enjoying it.

Access to the upper frets is much more difficult than with a PRS so you need to have a certain musicianship level to do it.

But it's magic when you feel this old wood under your fingers while you make a bend on the 22nd fret. WOW!!!!! This sensation takes me away to a parallel world full of incense and Indian spirituality. I hadn't felt this with any other guitar brand.

I enjoy to play sitting directly on the carpet of my room like John Mclaughing.


Its very fat sustain can surely compete with PRS guitars.

I play everything (blues, metal, rock, arpeggios, finger picking, funk, etc.) with this guitar, except for things that require a tremolo bar.

The guitar sounds very deep.

I play with a Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 (unique red crocodile finish).

The bridge pickup is great with a slight crunch. The neck pickup does its job pretty good and it sounds perfect.

The guitar provides five different high-quality sounds.

It's is a bit heavy. But it's worth its weight in gold.


I bought it secondhand to Stratman via Audiofanzine for a very good price. It was in perfect condition. It was a great deal.

I've owned it for one week and it spent three days at a guitar technician's shop so he could adjust the neck. I adjusted the height of the neck pickup and it now sounds perfect.

I've always been a Godin fan since they launched their nylon string guitars. There are well renowned guitarists that play Godin and endorse this Canadian brand, such as John Mclaughing. The manufacturer has a great knowhow and produce high-quality instruments.

My model doesn't have the Midi option like its bigger sisters (LGXSA and LGXT) nor the same fingerboard finish but it has had enough time to age while retaining its qualities, and I find it sounds amazingly good (I will soon add pictures to my Audiofanzine profile).

I can't wait to test the Godin Montreal model... and I thank you for taking the time to read this.

All the best to you.