Fernandes Nomad Standard - Metallic Black
Fernandes Nomad Standard - Metallic Black

Nomad Standard - Metallic Black, Altra Chitarra Elettrica Solid Body from Fernandes.

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moosers 13/02/2009

Fernandes Nomad Standard - Metallic Black : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Fernandes Nomad Standard guitar is a unique electric guitar as it has its own built in amp that is battery powered. It has one pick up that is sent to this built in amp and your signal can also be sent to an external amp. It has controls for the level and overdrive of the built in amp.


This guitar is pretty easy to play overall as the action is set nice and has a good feel to it. It easy to play up and down the neck and since it is so small you can carry it around anywhere with you. Because of this and because of the built in amp, this gives you an electric guitar on the go!


The sound quality produced with this guitar and the amp on it is pretty darn good considering how small it is. This is great for practicing on because of its portability and ease of us. Just turn it on and you have an instant electric guitar sound. The sound quality probably won't blow you away, but for what it is its good. If I was recording or playing a show I would definitley use an external amp, as this can only play so loud.


This was one of the first guitars I played, and got it about nine or ten years ago. I have found it to be a great practice guitar, but at this point I probably use it for anything more than that. I don't know of any other models of guitar that have a built in amp, and the price is quite cheap considering it has an amp in it. I would recommend this guitar for beginners who want an electric guitar without having to buy an amp to go with it or someone look for a small electric guitar to bring around.