Fender Deluxe Cyclone II
Fender Deluxe Cyclone II

Deluxe Cyclone II, Altra Chitarra Elettrica Solid Body from Fender in the Cyclone series.

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rains_en 06/02/2009

Fender Deluxe Cyclone II : Recensione di rains_en (content in English)


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The Fender Cyclone II was made in Mexico. It is equipped with 22 fret strat scale neck, 3 jaguar single coil pickups with independent on/off controls, a Standard fender vibrato bridge with tremolo, 1 volume, 1 tone which, when, combined with the single coils, it is sufficient. It would be nice to have independent tone controls for each pickup, but, of course, adding that pushes it closer to a jaguar.


The neck is just right, a standard strat scale and has a jazzmaster style headstock.
the last frets are pretty easily accessed, and there is little fret buzz, but of course, most fenders are subject to that. Im sure if it were professionally set up, this guitar would shine brighter than it already does, but the factory set up is sufficient.


It is good for any music style really, I dont have a specific style myself, I just play various "rock" styles. I've used it through a line 6 flextone II which it sounded immaculate, a marshall MD-50, A randall 100-sc, and various other amps. It doesn't disappoint.
The guitar accurately displays the attempt that the amps and effects attempt to model. Of course the amp is more effective in the equilization, but the sound is very crisp and clean, no detonation. I enjoy gritty blues, but also smooth jazz, and, of course, some dirty, grungy sounds, and the Cyclone II helps me achieve those sounds.


I have been playing this guitar for 4 years. I love the appearance, the playability, and the overall, ease of use, I had to turn the pickup switches around because they are easily turned off when strumming if you dont and that was annoying... now the switches are backwards. I love pulling out my unique guitar around other guitar enthusiasts because it's always something they've never seen, let alone, heard of. the price was that of a midrange guitar, I paid $500 for it new. Of course, I talked the dealer down a bit. I would buy another of these guitars if I had the money. I would like to mod one eventually, but, at this point, I dont want to make any mistakes.