Fender Classic '65 Mustang
Fender Classic '65 Mustang

Classic '65 Mustang, Altra Chitarra Elettrica Solid Body from Fender in the Mustang series.

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James... 24/12/2011

Fender Classic '65 Mustang : Recensione di James... (content in English)

"Best Mustang reissue"

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I think Mexican made. Original bridge and control set with the tone switches. Two single coils. Alder body I assume. Rosewood finger board. This is about as close to spec as you are going to get to a 65 original mustang. In fact it's really the only mustang model I know of that's anywhere near vintage spec. So props to that.


I want to say right now that I think these are still overpriced. My dad had a 68 mustang and the truth is they were made back then as beginner guitars. They were made to be very cheap to produce, so these should truthfully be closer to half the price that they are. I blame the "kobain factor" but you can call it what you will.

Still this is a well made guitar and I don't have any big complaints about the playability. Tuners are good and all the hardware is solid for the price. The wood seems decent enough. I've never been a fan of the glossy finishes Fender does but that's a preference thing.


I play in a surf rock act sometimes and I bought this just for that. The pickups sound pretty darn good for what they are. A set of vintage repros is pricey so most players will probably stick with these and I think they are nice. Not too muddy and not too bright. They have the mustang vibe down pretty well. It's very spanky in its own way. Perfect for what I'm doing. I use tons of reverb.


Despite all the praise I've given this guitar, the truth is that it's overpriced. But people really want these and the market commands the price. It doesn't have enough bells and whistles to cost a grand. That doesn't mean it's a bad guitar. There's beauty in simplicity.