ESP Horizon-III - See Thru Aqua
ESP Horizon-III - See Thru Aqua

Horizon-III - See Thru Aqua, Altra Chitarra Elettrica Solid Body from ESP in the Original series.

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iamqman 22/11/2011

ESP Horizon-III - See Thru Aqua : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"How much Yen??"

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The Horizon three guitars from ESP guitar company are primarily manufactured and marketed for the Japanese markets. You don't see these guitars in any other market very much. They're very cool guitars and they're really a fun and exciting looking as well. It's basically a super strat guitar but it has a few minor features and tweaks to make it its own unique thing. It has a cutaway horn on the bottom of the body which allows for easy soloing up in the higher frets. You also get a master volume coil split switch on the master volume control knob. It comes with a standard Seymour Duncan pick ups as well as a neck through body. So this guitar sustaines very well even know it has a Floyd Rose attached to the body. Generally Floyd rose bridges will not sustain as much as a bridge that is not a tremolo system. But since this is the neck through body you're getting get that added sustained back.


BODY Alder
NECK Hard Maple 3P
FINGERBOARD Ebony , 24frets w/White Binding
SCALE 25.5 inch (648mm)
NUT (width) Lock Nut (42mm/R2)
FRET #213
INLAY Pearoid Offset Block
JOINT Neck-thru-body
BRIDGE Floyd Rose
PICKUPS (Neck) Seymour Duncan SH-2n
(Bridge) Seymour Duncan TB-4
PARTS COLOR Black Nickel
CONTROL Master Volume(w/ Coil Split SW)
Master Tone
Mini Toggle PU Selector
PRICE Black, Deep Candy Apple Red
367,500yen (Include TAX)
Pearl White Gold
399,000yen (Include TAX)
SET STRING GS-USA XL (.009-.042)
Hard Case


The tone of this guitar is very exciting because it features alder wood and a hard maple neck. This is a great combination would that allows a nice solid mid range and good low in tone. With a Seymour Duncan pick ups already installed this is a great gigging and recording guitar for any professional musician. These are great sounding guitars and pretty much anything you put them in that they really excel in the high gain territories. So if you have a nice high gain amplifier such as in Marshal or Mesa boogie amplifier than it's really good to bring out the nice harmonics within that amp.


These guitars are hard to come by in the Europe and US markets so you will have to buy it online in the Japanese online retailers. So I suggest trying out some of the guitar online retailers that are over in Japan if you want on this guitar. Overall they're a great guitar and a great sounding instrument and vary fun to play.