Chandler Futurama
Chandler Futurama
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Boomhauer 28/06/2008

Chandler Futurama : Recensione di Boomhauer (content in English)


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A stock model exactly like the white/tort one on the site. I once contacted the compnay for info but missed their response. The finish has some flaws,Im pretty sure it was a second ( the body). The trem has been restored , works well, and the pick ups are decent. Nice neck, truss access is a pain in the neck. Just had it dialed in and it is a great US made Strat style axe. The neck pup sounds fantastic, middle and bridge good enough.
Not many of these around..? Hard to know. I never see them up for sale and I have put this one up in the past, no calls. That's OK as it covers strat territory well, and is more ergonomic than a strat. Maybe it will be a goofy kitsch thing in 30 yrs and people will want one. Not a cheap kitschy guitar.


Playes great now. great guitar.


Covers lots of ground, nice the neck pup on this,round and punchy. the pots feel so good too. easy action and nice swell...nice neck,think its pau ferro board,birdseye neck,slim and compound complaints at all, good quality wood,holds its tune.


I dont need this guitar but its pretty nice to have. I have 3 electrics(this one, a cheap tele,and a ce-22 wp90's)but mostly use the tele.
now with phat90's in my prs, that thing is a lot of fun,great pick up for a clogged humbucker guitar. it howls with single coil-y goodness.
oh yeah, the futurama rocks the strat turf. just beware the truss access at the body...under the pick guard.