Aria Pro II Ct series
Aria Pro II Ct series

Pro II Ct series, Altra Chitarra Elettrica Solid Body from Aria.

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ken b 21/01/2011

Aria Pro II Ct series : Recensione di ken b (content in English)

"know anything about this guitar?"

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Aria pro II CT series.

2 single coils, 1 humbucker with coil tapping.
1 volume, 1 tone

Don't think it's a rosewood fretboard (too light)

Brown/ gold sunburst with black crackle finnish


Strat shape / traditional aria headstock.

Plays beautiful! Multitude of tones!

Heavier than expected!


Marshall 50 watt combo
Fender 100 watt frontman.

Can get just about any sound out of it you want.

Screams harmonics with distortion!


Always wanted an Aria! Back in the 70's they were too pricey.

Gibson priced themselves out of the market. / Fender quality dropped & flooded the market.

Very happy with it but somebody snapped out the whammy bar connection on the tailpiece. Would love to find another & return it to mint!

Would buy another in a heartbeat!