Fender DG-7
Fender DG-7

DG-7, Altra Chitarra Acustica from Fender in the DG series.

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0phil 13/06/2011

Fender DG-7 : Recensione di 0phil (content in English)

"Great for beginners (but not only)"

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My brother and I decided to start playing the acoustic guitar a few months ago. I found a Fender DG7 on Craigslist for only 150$, in good condition so here am I, having fun on my first guitar :)


The global construction is good, especially for its price range. The guitar is light enough to play hours with no pain.


The DG-7 just sounds really good. I'm glad that I did not buy a more expensive one. I like it as a beginner but I hears that this is perfectly decent guitar whatever the level of the player.


I think that the DG-7 is really a good guitar to start with. A friend of mine who played for 6 years told me that anyone could use it (it actually does not sound cheap). I would recommend it for sure for beginners, but also for travelers as this guitar could be a great companion on the road too.

I would definitely do the same choice.