Gemini DJ CDM-3250
Gemini DJ CDM-3250

CDM-3250, All-in-one DJ player from Gemini DJ.

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JimboSpins 21/03/2013

Gemini DJ CDM-3250 : Recensione di JimboSpins (content in English)

"Solid CDJ Unit"

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The Gemini CDM-3250 is a dual CD console platter that can be racked. This mixing console is very powerful but still simple to use. It has two separate job wheels and is very mobile. With this console it is easy to have one track playing, search for another track and set up your cue points easily. Everything from beat matching to looping and changing the pitch is very easy to do with the CDM 3250.


Setting this mixing console up with my rig was very easy because I have already owned units like it before in the past. This unit was a lot more portable than I thought that it was going to be. It is very light and durable.


The CDM 3250 also has a 2 band EQ, gain control and enough inputs and outputs to connect my whole system up to it. Everything with this mixer is made to last a long time and about the only change I would make with it is to give it a 5 band EQ and to maybe have a louder output to headphones so that they can be heard over the club/crowd noise better. Not that it is hard to hear from the headphone output but with other mixers that I own, they get so much louder directly from the output of the mixing unit and on the CDM 3250 it just doesn’t seem to get as loud as they do.


There are two smaller LCD screens on this unit for seeing your cue points and tracks. Also all of the buttons are made well and the cross fader held up pretty good. Over the years the CD mixing units have kind of become some of my least favorite units to work with because of the lack of effects. This is why I now prefer software set up with a controller. There are no effects on this unit and similar ones in this price range.