Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2

Pedal Power 2, Alimentatore per Pedale from Voodoo Lab in the Pedal Power series.

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ibanez4life SZ! 08/04/2011

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 : Recensione di ibanez4life SZ! (content in English)

"A must for powering pedals in a rig! "

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I’ve always considered this unit as one of the stealth parts of my setup- simple, no one knows it is there, but it performs a very, VERY important function.

-8 powered taps
-2 high powered taps
-2 taps with ‘sag’ feature, allowing a pedal to perform as if it were running on a low power battery
-additional outlet on the back to power a pedal that requires a ‘unique’ wall wart or power supply
-includes standard power cables, and numerous other cables to power via battery connection, line 6 pedals, Electro-Harmonix pedals, etc.

The unit is VERY easy to use, and puts out enough power to power just about anything, or even multiple pedals per tap if the mA draw is not too much. Most importantly for a guitar rig, each tap is isolated, making sure that powering pedals in your rig DOES NOT add any noise via ground loops or other interference. Other, lower priced units can add a lot of noise when power pedals in multiple positions in a rig. The Voodoo Lab is also a very reliable product. I have seen other units fail when powering many pedals, while this unit has been running for years without the slightest hiccup.

Finally, Voodoo Lab is very helpful in supplying any additional cables your pedal may require to interface with your pedals. For example, my EH Deluxe Memory man required 18V of power. After 5 minutes on the phone, VL had a cable in the mail for me that combined two power taps to provide 18V to the pedal. I’m sure if you have any specific needs, and the unit is capable of it, Voodoo will be happy to provide you a cable for it!