Truetone 1-Spot Power Supply
Truetone 1-Spot Power Supply

1-Spot Power Supply, Alimentatore per Pedale from Truetone in the 1 Spot series.

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moosers 18/11/2009

Truetone 1-Spot Power Supply : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Visual Sound 1-Spot nine volt power supply is designed for use with effects pedals and will work with just about any pedal that requires nine volts of power.  I've never been in a situation where it didn't work for a pedal that I was trying to use and I've used it with Boss, Ibanez, and a number of other brands of pedals.  I would double check to make sure that your pedal will be compatible with this power supply, but it should work with any pedal that needs nine volts of power.  I have also used this in tandem with the daisy chain and it does a great job as I don't get any extraneous noise coming from the power supply as I often do with other power supplies.  It is also great that this isn't a huge wall wart power supply as it easily fits on a power strip without covering up other inputs.  Another good thing about the Visual Sound 1-Spot is that the chord is extremely long and will reach quite far.  With other power supplies I found myself not being able to reach and having to move my pedals, which can be a major hassle while trying to set up quickly on stage.  Beyond these nice features, this is a simple power supply and will definitely do the job that it advertises to do.  The price of the 1-Spot is about the same price as a Boss power supply, but is will only take up a single spot on your power source and in my opinion just feels a lot sturdier than other power supplies that I have used in the past.  If you have a bunch of pedals that require nine volt power I would definitely recommend picking up the Visual Sound 1-Spot and the daisy chain as it is probably the best option out there in terms of powering your standard size power supplies.