Truetone 1-Spot Combo Pack
Truetone 1-Spot Combo Pack

1-Spot Combo Pack, Alimentatore per Pedale from Truetone in the 1 Spot series.

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darkwolf291 06/04/2011

Truetone 1-Spot Combo Pack : Recensione di darkwolf291 (content in English)

"Good Daisy-Chain Power Unit"

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This comes with a 1-Spot adapter. It can give up to 1700 milliamps, and gives 9 volts Center Negative DC. It comes with a Daisy Chain with 8 plugs for powering 8 pedals. It also comes with a cable adapter for pedals with nothing but a battery jack, two adapters for an EHX Big Muff style pedal (1/8" jack), and one adapter for a Line6 style modeler pedal. It automatically converts voltage worldwide so you can use it anywhere with no worries, which is a HUGE plus for anyone that travels worldwide, or tours world wide and doesn't want to have to buy a new one for other countries. As with all daisy chains, there is a chance for a ground loop and hum to come through. That is an unavoidable fact in my experience. How much depends on the power in the place you use it, and the pedals you use. Some pedals can be daisy chained with others with no hum, others don't play well with others. It can be annoying, but it's not the end of the world if you're playing at home. If you're touring or recording, either invest in an Isolated Power Supply or batteries, because the hum can make your live or recording sound worse. The hum sounds really bad when amplified to concert levels. The only way around it is to figure out which ones cause the worst hum and either buy a new PSU, or use batteries for it.
All in all, this is a good, cheap PSU, but don't be surprised if you have some hum from it. It can power 8 pedals out of the box, and as many as you have (under 1700 milliamps that is). The voltage regulator is an awesome plus. It can be used anywhere around the world without a stepdown transformer, which, again, is a gigantic plus.