Dunlop DC10 DC-BRICK
Dunlop DC10 DC-BRICK

DC10 DC-BRICK, Alimentatore per Pedale from Dunlop.

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wwhhhaatt 22/06/2011

Dunlop DC10 DC-BRICK : Recensione di wwhhhaatt (content in English)

"okay with limited use"

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The Dunlop DC brick is great for a simple board or as a secondary supply when your main supply runs out of juice. It provides seven 9 volt outputs and three 18 volt outputs with enough current to run standard stomp boxes. They include a variety of cables that work with standard boss style jacks as well as cables for 1/8" inputs (dod) and a cable that can be hooked to a battery snap in case you have an old pedal with no power jack on it. All the cables except the 1/8" are right angle which is great for keeping your board tidy. The newer models also use an offset wall wart that saves a little space over the traditional style.The main thing you must consider is that the Dunlop is only filtered and does not have isolated power outputs. What that means is that it's basically a boxed up daisy chain with a separate section for the 18 volt outputs. Daisy chaining is exactly what it sounds like; one long chain of plugs all hooked to one output. This allows the pedals grounds to be connected to each other and that can lead to ground loops and other problems that add noise to your signal.If you have any pedals that do not like being daisy chained, like old fuzz boxes, or if you use an effects loop you are better off getting something with isolated outs like the voodoo labs pedal power.

I used the brick for a few years and kept my effects loop pedals on their own dedicated power supplies. This worked for the most part but was not the quietest or cleanest setup. If you run just a few pedals in front of your amp and need some 18 volt outputs give the Brick a shot.