Sonnox Oxford Reverb
Sonnox Oxford Reverb

Oxford Reverb, Software algorithmic reverb from Sonnox.

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mooseherman 02/02/2011

Sonnox Oxford Reverb : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)

"Awesome Reverb Plug-in!"

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This was a pretty expensive reverb plug-in for me to get, but I'm glad I did. it wasn't hard to install once I got it. It was totally compatible with my Pro Tools 8 LE system (though it was 7 at the time that I installed it). The setup was pretty basic, and though it has a lot of parameters, it isn't that hard to get started using. It'll take a few minutes to get a feel for what everything does but after that it's a breeze. I haven't really needed to read the manual as I'm better at learning hands-on, but it is informative and will give good descriptions of all the settings and functions.


I've yet to have a problem running this software, it works fine for me. I have a macbook pro with 4 gb of RAM, and I don't often have problems with plug-ins (with a few notable exceptions).
The plug-in has a lot of adjustable sections. You can adjust the amount of input and output with some really specific controls such as volume, separation, and low pass filters. There's also separate controls for the early part of the reverb and the tail, as well as an EQ. Each section has a wide variety of parameters, giving you the potential for intricately detailed reverb.


This reverb is a far cry from the basic, limited plug-ins that come free with Pro Tools. It's definitely one of the better plug-ins I've found at getting natural, realistic sounding reverb. It's equally adept at getting some insane gated reverb, or heavy cavernous reverb. The best part about it is that you can achieve these results without muddying up the rest of the mix, which is really the only thing usually stopping me from going all out with the reverb. Plug-ins like this are the main reason analog-only purists like some of the engineers I've worked for and studied under are slowly making the switch to using some digital plug-ins.