2CAudio Aether
2CAudio Aether

Aether, Software algorithmic reverb from 2CAudio.

US public price: $249 VAT
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JoeW1 23/03/2013

2CAudio Aether : Recensione di JoeW1 (content in English)


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Aether from 2CAudio is compatible with different working platforms like Xp , Vista , 7 or MAC.

The manual that is included with the software is quite detailed , enough to obtain the necessary information of how the reverb works.

The setup doesn't require a lot of time or effort , it's very fast and easy to follow.


The software from 2CAudio works beyond great , the program is very stable , provides different aspects of Doppler's Effect , high quality reflections and time delay.

I'm getting amazing performances while using this product , it really helps to achieve a whole new level of creativity.


I really like the precision of this reverb , I also enjoy using the lock function which allows to temporally freeze the amount of reverb used , the different types of curves and reflections , powerful time and space placement , and of course the great presets browser that has some very useful patches.

I also like the design that is extremely friendly to the eye , everything is well placed , the program comes with 300 factory presets , 33 space type models and something really unique about this reverb , the infinite decay mode.

As you would expect , a high quality reverb needs a powerful machine to rule on , Aether is not an exception , this product kills the cpu , that's probably the only downside to it , apart from that , perfect product , top reverb out there.

Value for the price is great , I would pay even more for such a complex and truly powerful musical tool.

Precision and quality of the sound is also very good , you get a very realistic feel to your sound using this product.

Knowing what I know , I would buy this product again , no hesitation.