Storm FC80 - Satin Natural
Storm FC80 - Satin Natural

FC80 - Satin Natural, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Storm belonging to the FC80 model.

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Audiofanzine FR 07/12/2008

Storm FC80 - Satin Natural : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by Makos/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Grand concert (or mini jumbo) electro-acoustic guitar.

Surely made in China.

- Massive spruce top

Rosewood back and sides

- Nato (or mahogany) neck... nato is a kind of mahogany anyway. Rosewood fingerboard.

- Standard sealed lubricated machine heads

Piezo pickup + body pickup. 3-band EQ + presence + body/piezo pickup balance control.

- Integrated chromatic tuner.

- Bronze D'Addario strings.

Nice satin finish with elegant body binding.

The instrument offers a lot of value considering the price. (massive spruce top and rosewood!!!)

The guitar is supplied with a good quality gig bag.


Funny enough the price of the guitar is affordable for beginners but the string action is rather high, which makes it difficult to play. It's not a problem for me since I also play a gypsy guitar ;-)

Pleasant neck, well-balanced instrument.

The medium frets are well manufactured.

The cutaway allows a good access to the upper frets.

The machine heads allow the guitar to stay in tune.

The integrated tuner is an advantage because the manual mode allows you to use open tunings (unlike the standard EADGBE tuning)... nice and convenient.


The sound is amazing! The guitar sounds really good. The massive top is one of the main reasons the sound i so good. The mids are well-balanced and the lows are very present but not overemphasized so the overall sound balance is good. The highs are crystal-clear.

It's exactly the sound I expected from this guitar.

I can bet you that it will keep on sounding better as it ages and that the sound balance will be enhanced after a few months.

The electro-acoustic sound is good. The piezo pickup does a good job. If you try to mix both pickups you'll need to use headphones because otherwise you get feedbacks really fast. But the possibility to mix both pickups using headphones is very interesting. The sound of the body pickup minimizes the cold and straight sound of the piezo. The 3-band EQ is effective. The guitar provides two different outputs. 1/4" jack and XLR...


I bought this "small" guitar after reading an excellent review. It got a very good mark. And the editor was right. The sound/finish/price ratio is excellent. You get a lot more value than you pay for.

As I already wrote before, it's not exactly a guitar for beginners because of the high string action. But it will seduce any guitarist looking for a good electro-acoustic guitar. And I guess the sound will only get better considering the wood quality.

To wrap it up: it's an excellent deal.