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VishNuRoXoUt 29/06/2011

Schecter ACS : Recensione di VishNuRoXoUt (content in English)

"Best acoustic/electric I have ever owned."

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The Schecter ACS acoustic electric is Korean made and still the best acoustic electric I have played. Has a 3 band EQ, presence and volume controls. The guitar's body and neck are bound and there is a nice pearl inlay around the face of the body. It has a gorgeous flamed maple top and in my case it is an amber coloured guitar. It has a composite back very similar to many ovation guitars and it feels really nice. It is equipped with grover tuners and has very nice looking diamond inlays. It's a beautiful guitar and plays very similarly to an electric. The bound neck and rosewood fretboard are very nice and it seems to be made with the utmost quality.


The guitar has a very nice cut-away, making it very easy to play chords past the 12th fret. The guitar itself has a very full sound for having a composite body. I find most guitars with that style back sound pretty thin, though this schecter sounds wonderful.


I play my schecter through PA mostly, but I've also played through the Roland AC line. They are fantastic. The eq and such on the Schecter are good enough to go direct into a PA but the eq and stuff on the Rolands make it sound even better. I usually use some subtle chorus and occasionally delay with this guitar. Sounds so huge. Like I have been saying, this is the best playing and sounding acoustic I have played. I love it very much.


Well, basically I can bring it down to this... If you can find one of these guitars used, you should definitely pick it up. They sell for pretty cheaply used, I got mine for $250 with a Schecter hardcase. The guitar is durable, versatile and sounds incredible. I can honestly see myself picking up another one just for different tunings. It's a great instrument. I would never get rid of mine.