Greg Bennett ASDR CE
Greg Bennett ASDR CE

ASDR CE, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Greg Bennett in the All Solid Wood series.

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Audiofanzine FR 07/11/2008

Greg Bennett ASDR CE : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by Reset/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

C'est une folk
Made in Korea or somewhere else in Asia with the corresponding price tag.

I bought it in September 2008.

It looks way better than on the picture.
The finish is perfect, quite stunning for this price range.

It has Groover machine heads.

The guitar has a massive spruce top so it will probably sound better in a couple of years. If you can, keep the guitar in its hard case to protect it and keep it away from humidity, etc.

The preamp is a Fishman Clearwave 50 with gain, bass, mid, treble and brilliance controls plus tuner.
I was positively surprised by the accuracy of the tuner.


The neck is very pleasant.
The action has been accurately set in the store where I bought it.

The cutaway allows an easy access to the upper frets.
The guitar isn't too heavy, which is important for me.


I bought it for its tone.

In the beginning I wanted a more expensive and prestigious instrument (a Martin, Guild or Seagull), but I preferred the sound of this Greg Bennett after comparing it to a Martin DX1 and a bottom-of-the-line Taylor in the store.
I asked the shop assistant to play it for me in order to hear the guitar's sound projection. I also tried different playing styles like finger picking, palm mute, with a pick, etc. I liked its tone no matter how I played:

the color, the character, the balance, the warmth. I'm not really much of a guitarist but I felt comfortable and I found the sound well balanced.

They had a less expensive Greg Bennett model (I can't recall which one anymore) and I played for about 30 seconds before throwing it away because it sounded awful.

It won't hurt to repeat it again: go to the store and listen to the instrument.


I'm trying to sell my CC48 Cort (I noticed a bit too late that I don't like the typical Ovation sound) which I replaced with this Greg Bennett.

I bought it yesterday so this review is really fresh news.

If I don't edit this review or sell the guitar, you'll know I still like it.