Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E
Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E

John Lennon EJ-160E, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Epiphone in the EJ series.

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heads on fire 05/03/2012

Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E : Recensione di heads on fire (content in English)

"Uber cool!"

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This Epiphone EJ 160E is a China manufactured acoustic electric guitar. It has a spruce top, and mahogany back and sides. It has a single-coil pickup at the neck, not a piezo, and volume and tone controls. It comes only in vintage cherry sunburst finish. It has an ebony bridge and plastic pickguard, and Epiphone brand tuners.


This guitar is really interesting! It plays very well, and the build quality on it is pretty good. The one I played had some little marks on the end of the fretboard that look like tooling marks. But it was very slight. The finish looks very nice and well applied, and the guitar has a good balance.


The tones I got out of this were incredible! I never heard a regular single coil pickup in the neck position of an acoustic guitar, but it is a very interesting sound, and I wish more manufacturers would do something like this. The tone was akin to a pure hollowbody, only bigger. It was especially interesting to hear a big acoustic guitar tone coming from the instrument in my hands, but play around with a lot of effects on the amped signal. Acoustically, the tone is very dreadnought-like - it fits finger picking, but is better on strumming and flat-picking. Clarity is great, and the guitar has a balanced tone across the frequency spectrum.


This is a really neat idea from Epiphone. I like that John Lennon played something very similar to this - that helps on the cool factor. I'd like to play the Gibson equivalent and compare the timbre. But this Epiphone is a good instrument capable of producing fresh, interesting tones. Recommended to anyone that plays acoustic and wants to experiment with different electronics, or any big Beatles fan!