Peterson StroboStomp Virtual Strobe Tuner / Active DI
Peterson StroboStomp Virtual Strobe Tuner / Active DI

StroboStomp Virtual Strobe Tuner / Active DI, Accordatore from Peterson.

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wwhhhaatt 19/04/2011

Peterson StroboStomp Virtual Strobe Tuner / Active DI : Recensione di wwhhhaatt (content in English)

"Not built for live use"

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Features: 1/4" input and output
balanced XLR direct output
9 volt power input and separate jack that passes power through
strobe tuning accurate to +/- .1 cent
true bypass stomp switch
22 preset temperaments/Sweetened tunings
supports buzz feiten, capo, and drop tunings

When I first got this tuner I loved it. Having gone from a Boss tu-2 and Korg rack mount it was nice to have the accuracy of the rack but in the form factor of the Boss. The tuner is very accurate and allowed me to learn how to do my own set-ups/intonation and tt actually probably paid for itself in that regard. Unfortunately after about 3 months it just started flaking out. I started getting odd screen problems where it would fade or not come on at all. It was not a constant thing so I dealt with it and just toggled the bypass switch a few times whenever it happened. This seemed to work for a while but then the bypass switch started flaking out, probably from the repeated stomps to get the screen going. I still dealt with it since I loved the accuracy. The last straw when I finally removed it from my board was when the jacks started getting loose and the pedal would randomly cut out. I would lose all signal which is a no go for live shows. The jacks were cheap plastic that you would find on low end gear.

I replaced it with a pitch black tuner and the strobostomp now sits on my bench strictly for repair work.
I'm kind of unsure how to rate it as it's great for intonations but is just not built as strong as a 100$+ tuner should be. I cannot imagine anyone trusting one of these on the road as it's a problem waiting to happen. I heard they fixed these issues with the v2 by using a better casing and metal jacks but it seems those have been discontinued.. Thank you for leaving the original purchasers behind, peterson.