Peterson StroboStomp Virtual Strobe Tuner / Active DI
Peterson StroboStomp Virtual Strobe Tuner / Active DI

StroboStomp Virtual Strobe Tuner / Active DI, Accordatore from Peterson.

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nickname009 04/09/2011

Peterson StroboStomp Virtual Strobe Tuner / Active DI : Recensione di nickname009 (content in English)


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This is supposedly Peterson's first take at making their amazing tuner in a pedal form. Why haven't they thought of this sooner? I don't know, maybe they have but just took forever to make it happen?
The strobostomp also includes the infamous buzz feiten tuning system for those who have guitars equipped for buzz feiten. Though I personally never used a guitar that required it. The LED could be brighter, well, it could always be brighter, especially for stage. There never seems to be a pedal company that makes the LED bright enough, it’s as if they’re scared it’ll be too bright. But on stage, there literally is no such thing as too bright! The brighter the better! Always! Always! Always!
Anyhow, it's got 99.9% of all the same features you'd find in a regular strobe tuner from Peterson. So you know it's good, but the main complaint I had with this is of course the plastic jacks and the overall built quality. It’s definitely not like a boss pedal and not tough. I've had it crap out on me twice and had the plastic jacks replaced. I've also heard and read of many of the same or similar stories.
Overall it's a decent tuner in terms of tuning. The functionality part is great too if one knows how to read strobes, most players couldn't care less. But whatever floats your boat. In the end however, I wouldn't call this a roadworthy and reliable tuner for your board. Plastic jacks is a huge problem and I don't know why Peterson decided to go that route, they've finally come out with the Strobostomp 2 which is an improved version with metal jacks and more solid body construction.