Peterson StroboFlip
Peterson StroboFlip

StroboFlip, Accordatore from Peterson.

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moosers 08/06/2010

Peterson StroboFlip : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Peterson Strobe Tuners Stroboflip is a unique tuner that is designed in a small box, and hence the name, flips open for use. It's got an LCD screen that shows you everything that you need to see, which is a lot as this is definitely one of the more versatile tuners that I've seen. The Stroboflip definitely isn't your typical guitar tuner, as it is really designed to tune any instrument, and specifically is great for tuning those instruments that may not fit into a traditional Western diatonic scale. I don't own this tuner, but have used it in a studio setting where the bass player brought it in. He didn't only use it on bass however, as he also used it to tune his guitar and a unique Indian instrument known as the dilruba. The latter certainly did not seem easy to tune, even with the Stroboflip, but it still got the job done. The Stroboflip is definitley not your simple tuner, as there are many different settings for tuning different instruments, and it allows you to get precise down to the last cents. The small nature of the Peterson Strobe Tuners Stroboflip makes it great for gigging or for bringing to the studio, as it gives you the convenience of a portable tuner with the detail and features that you'd get with a piece of rack equipment. While this tuner is definitely more advanced than most out there, it is also more expensive than most. So while this is certainly an awesome tuner, I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for something to tune your guitar or bass with, as there are more simple, less expensive tuners out there that will get the job done for simpler applications. However, if you find yourself needing a slick portable tuner for use with a variety of acoustic and electric instruments, the Peterson Strobe Tuners Stroboflip is probably the best bet for you.