Korg DTR-1000
Korg DTR-1000

DTR-1000, Accordatore from Korg.

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ibanez4life SZ! 13/04/2011

Korg DTR-1000 : Recensione di ibanez4life SZ! (content in English)

"The standard tuner for a rack setup"

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The Korg DTR-1000 is seen in both guitar and bass rigs everywhere. Korg has produced many tuner models, from simple handhelds to pedal tuners, and this unit caters to those with rack rigs. The DTR-1000 features +/- 1 center accuracy, one space rack mount enclosure, settings for custom tunings, standard ¼” input in the front and back of the unit for convenience depending on your setup, and a mute that can be triggered via standard ¼” switching. The display is very big and bright, making it perfect for tuning on stage at a distance. The tuner responds quickly, and tracks the low ‘B’ of a 7 string well, so one will have no problems with drop tunings either.

I don’t know if it was a problem with the signal in my specific setup, or maybe my specific tuner (I bought it used), but I seemed to have a hard time getting my strings perfectly in tuner with the unit. Notes would always land barely sharp or barley flat, and I can’t seem to get things dead on. It was not a problem with my guitars or their tuners, as I use USA PRS Guitars, and have never had this problem before. I simply used my ears for the final tine tuning, as this unit was only a reference tool for quick tuning on stage.

For live use and quick stage tuning, this is a great unit. All it takes is a quick turn to your rack to check tuning, and you are back rocking with your audience. Though there are more accurate tuners, its visibility at a distance on a dark stage is a big plus. The logistics of wiring were well planned in the design, allowing easy integration in your rig. I would not recommend it in applications where the utmost accuracy is necessary, such as setups and tech work.